So you feel your studio is due for an upgrade. Or, corporate profile and business plan in hand you want to venture into commercial radio. Maybe you feel a digital studio is the new black.

Wondering how to make that transition? Jmark has a solution for those ready for the rewards offered by digital radio:


At Jmark, we understand that the “system” in system integration is not limited to audio/visual equipment, lighting and wiring: We involve our clients’ staff throughout the design and installation process, in addition to providing both production and operational training, so that they understand the new facility from the bottom-up and can fully leverage its capabilities to create great results. Jmark works closely with architects as well as its clients to ensure that the building is designed from the ground up with the necessary features, infrastructure and technical specs for a broadcast facility. Electrical layout, voltage requirements and consumption are projected for each work area to ensure that the design includes sufficient supply and easy access for all system components.

In designing HVAC systems, Jmark carefully evaluates the cooling capacity that will be required for each area by assessing the amount of heat that will be generated and estimating the number of BTUs required to cool the area. Noise is minimized through careful air conditioning conduct layout design in production areas.

Based on the workflow, as well as the available space and any fixed structural elements, studio layout and connectivity plans are created to maximize operational performance and efficiency, ensure a comfortable work environment and easily accommodate future expansion.

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