At Jmark we understand the vital role that TV and video plays for football clubs, sports clubs, stadiums and sports venues, both in providing a truly memorable experience for fans attending games and other events, and in engaging with fans away from the ground.

We know that producing top-class video content is a brilliant way to increase fan engagement – and also makes sponsorship opportunities that much more appealing to your partners.

Whether your goal is to deliver ‘over-the-top’ video content online and via social media, to provide live multi-camera match coverage – complete with instant slow-motion replay – on the big screen and on the stadium concourses, or even to set up your own in-house TV studio and club channel, Jmark can help you realise your vision.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest clubs in the Asia, Middle East and African region. – world-renowned clubs with global fan bases – to deliver TV studios and in-stadium broadcast play-out and display systems, enabling them to use video content to reach out to their fans and to increase their sponsor revenue.

If you think we can help, why not take a minute to Submit Your Query Form, and our expert team will get in touch to discuss your project.

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